Henk Delabie

Herman Denecker

Transobjects and Transorganisms

Henk Delabie’s sculptures may be conceived as concentrations of certain expressions which in fact are deeply human. It’s about stretching and bending, upward and downward movements.

Each sculpture represents its own willfullness meanwhile being dependent on its surroundings, its point of support such as a wall, a floor.

At one moment they are minimal slips (as slight muscle tensions) the other moment they display explicit gestures. The spectator’s eye and mind will be driven by shifts (like clouds that are moving and deforming together with the wind directions).

The contrast between self-determination on the one hand and adjustment on the other hand is thus a major topic in Henk Delabie’s work. Both poles are connected in a careful way and with smooth flexibility to… transobjects and transorganisms.

Herman Denecker

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